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Meet Tonia

author tonia

I am a writer and a narrative painter. I began painting in 2008, during a study abroad in Paris with Sierra College. At the time, I was in a state of upheaval. I had never been out of the country. When I signed up to go to France, I never considered the impact of being immersed in another culture with a foreign language. Obviously, I wasn’t thinking straight. I intended to hole up in my room and complete a novel but found the weight of words too heavy. Almost accidentally, I discovered a halting fluency in watercolor painting.

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What is Mining With a Feather?

Black Feather.jpg

Mining with a Feather describes the slow and gentle process of uncovering the stories, images and poems I carry. A feather has two ends, the quill end and the feathery “brush” end. I’ve never stood on site at an archeological tell but I know it is a slow and gentle process. Retrieving fragile artifacts is not for the frenetic or impatient. There is a solitary component involved in the process and then there comes a time when the “discovery” is unearthed and shared for the benefit of others.

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